“MOSO Strong” serves as rally cry for Southern

A simple line of text, #MOSOstrong, has become so much more following the terrible events of this last weekend.

 For some, the text represents a gathering place for those who have felt the loss more deeply.

For others it is a rallying point for moving forward.

The simple line of text has also become a way for people around the nation to show support for a community rocked by tragedy.

The Missouri Southern community has received support from universities both in and out of our division. Most of the texts and tweets finished with the familiar #MOSOstrong.

“Remember the Alamo.”

“I have a Dream.”

“One giant leap for mankind.”

Words have a way to move people and to evoke so much emotion.

Daryl Daye, head football coach at Southern, spoke at the memorial for Derek Moore on Nov. 4 in Corley Auditorium. His words honored a man and a friend, and they encouraged healing.

“Keep moving forward,” the mantra of the football offensive line, was used as words of encouragement for all in attendance.

Coach Daye undoubtedly has had his moments trying to encourage others both on the field and off; however ,with those three words he encouraged a university and a community.

Years after Moore’s passing, perhaps #MOSOstrong will carry on to inspire students and staff Moore never met. Words can become more than the sum of the letters that make them.

They can encourage, bring a smile and uplift. And sometimes, just sometimes, they can become a legacy.