New rock venue lands in Joplin

Rockers now have a new place to call home on the weekends. Rock 3405, the newest bar to hit the Joplin night life scene, also serves as the area’s newest rock venue, regularly bringing in nationally recording rock musicians to perform for a four-state audience.

“[It’s] a one of kind rock bar that the four-state area didn’t currently have,” said Curt Zimmerman, manager of Rock 3405. “We bring in some nationally recording rock bands on Fridays, and on Saturdays we have more of classic rock feel.”

According to Zimmerman, Rock 3405, which used to be known as Jukebox, came to be after a series of successful rock shows hit the Joplin area in recent years.

“We had a couple of rock shows over at Guitars [Rock and Country Bar] and over at Jukebox, when we were still opened as Jukebox, and the turnouts were just phenomenal and a lot of fun,” said Zimmerman. “So we opened up Club XO downtown with the dance music down there, and we remodeled Jukebox into the rock bar.”

Since opening in early May, Rock 3405 has already had over 10 different bands perform on its stage. Part of what has made the new venue a success so far is its partnership with the local radio station Rock 107.1. Chris “Muttley” Stevens, program director for the station, currently serves as the booking agent for Rock 3405, helping the venue bring in many of its acts.

“They’re helping us bring in some good bands and we’re keeping it cheap,” said Zimmerman. “It’s helping the radio station get exposure too, so it’s good for both of us.”

Much of Rock 3405’s lineup this summer consists of bands such as Black Stone Cherry, Kyng, Devour the Day and Eve to Adam, who are all currently performing at Rocklahoma.

“We have a lot of them [from Rocklahoma],” said Zimmerman. “That’s kind of who’s coming through on Fridays. And you don’t have to go all the way down there to see them, you can see them right here in town.”

Also performing at Rock 3405 in the coming months are nationally charting acts Saliva and Tantric.

“We just want to bring some really good entertainment to Joplin,” said Zimmerman. “Who has brought a band like Saliva to Joplin? Nobody has. I don’t really know why. Just because we’re in a small market in Joplin, doesn’t mean you can’t think like clubs do in a bigger city.”

Every Friday night, the rock bar tries to bring in at least three bands to perform — one local band and two bigger bands. The reason for three bands, Zimmerman says, is to give the local bands a chance to perform with bigger acts.

“The first week, we just had two bands. We didn’t have any local openers,” said Zimmerman. “And after that I said, ‘we’ve got to show some love to the local bands.'”

Tickets for each show are typically under $10, but may vary depending on the acts. They can be purchased online at, which can be linked to via Rock 3405’s official Facebook page.

“You can get all of your tickets in advance there [at], you can come into Rock 3405 and get tickets, you can go to the rock station and pick them up there, or you can wait and pay a couple extra bucks at the door,” said Zimmerman.

Rock 3405 is located at 3405 S Rangeline in Joplin. For more information regarding the venue or to book a gig, contact Zimmerman at (417) 317-1234.

“It’s for Joplin,” said Zimmerman. “We’re just trying to do something different. You’ve got to be unique in the night life business, and I think we’re on to something here. Just as long as people come out and support it, we can keep doing it.”