Students survive zombie infestation


Students Suvivor Zombie Infestation

Getting through the first week of school alive is quite a feat for a college student: waking up early to get a decent parking spot, arriving to class on time (hoping it’s the right room), and making sure all necessary materials are gathered for all classes. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) created the event Survivor Night to celebrate making it through the first week alive, with the undead.

As the sun set on Aug. 22, students were lined up at the cross country trail to participate in the Survivor Night festivities which included a D.J. who played music throughout the night, zombie laser tag, and a zombie infested trail. CAB members, as well as RAs who agreed to help with the event, were decked out as zombies.

While waiting to walk the trail, students were given proper laser tag equipment and were timed as they tried to kill as many zombies as they could before they broke through the walls of a makeshift shack and attacked them.

“It’s pretty fun, as far as trying to kill zombies go,” said Laura Silva, freshman international business major.

Throughout the cross country trail were zombies that lurked behind trees who would jump out at every passerby. There were also zombies that walked out in the open and go up students with an eerie silence and dead stare.

“We knew the zombies weren’t real…I screamed like a girl at least three times,” said Jarred Sweeney, junior business marketing major.

“We’ll see if maybe there is something we can add to it to keep the zombies next year…maybe add on to the trail to make it more creepy, just to keep people entertained so they’re not going to the same thing every year,” said Halli Todd, president of Campus Activities Board, senior psychology major.