Area Turkish eatery puts on demonstration


Deborah and Albert Sherrer, owners of Main Street Mediterranean Cuisine in Bolivar, Mo., serve tabouli, a Lebanese potato salad; muhammara, a hot pepper dip with walnuts; adana kebabi, a chicken kebab; kofta, a Turkish meatball; and hummus at the Flavors of Turkey event Sept. 29 in Corley Auditorium.

Kamryn Trusler, staff writer

From western Turkey where olives grow abundantly on the trees, to the Mediterranean regions where copious amounts of fish and spices can be found, Turkey is a diverse landscape filled with many flavors. During this themed semester, Missouri Southern students have been given the opportunity to experience these tastes.

Deborah and Albert Sherrer, owners of Main Street Mediterranean Cuisine in Bolivar, Mo., are putting on the Flavors of Turkey event at 11 a.m., Sept. 29, in Corley Auditorium. Albert Sherrer will discuss the history of Turkish food and how modern dishes are enjoyed. Deborah Sherrer and her staff will prepare kebabs, humus, kabuli and handmade bread for students to try after the presentation.

The Sherrers’ expertise on Turkey does not stop with food. Albert Sherrer was born and raised in Turkey, and Deborah Sherrer lived there for five years. After spending years falling in love with healthy, spicy Turkish dishes, they ended up back in Bolivar after falling in love with the American small town. Deborah Sherrer decided to fulfill her dream and open up a restaurant to share her Turkish recipes.

“It’s my secret [these recipes],” she said. “You can’t open up a Turkish cookbook and get these recipes.”

After years of perfecting her recipes by eating in real Turkish households, today Deborah Sherrer chalks up her ability to produce these dishes for hundreds of students to the help of her great staff.

“Any opportunity we can take to share this healthy, good, amazingly tasty food, we are excited about it,” she said.