Senate continues work to fill seats

In a meeting that was short even for a committee night, Student Senate selected its representatives for both the Faculty and Staff Senates.

Freshman political science major Callan Turner was selected to sit in on Faculty Senate, while freshman Tyler Hodges was appointed to Staff Senate. Both were welcomed to their new positions by a round of applause from the other Senators.

Along with the new representative appointments, Vice President Brooklyn Lampe gave an update on the vacancy committee.

“We interviewed six people today and I have heard from three others,” said Lampe.

Treasurer Raymond Dunaway also updated Student Senate on the budget rollover from last year, which sits at $35,411.46. Senate still hasn’t been informed of its budget allocation for this year.

In subcommittees, the finance committee voted unanimously to pass its first appropriation of the year, which went towards sending the MSSU Gay Student Alliance to the University of Missouri for the Show Me Pride College Summit.  

The club represenatives requested $360 to go towards gas, registration fees and vehicle rental.

In its request for funds, the organization representatives stated, “ This would benefit MSSU in that we would be able to provide appropriate support for students whose family members have disowned them or won’t accept them for who they are.”