Fieldhouse on schedule for Fall 2015 unveiling

Despite recent weather conditions, progress on the fieldhouse construction project, which began Fall 2014, is expected to continue on schedule. The project, which had been delayed due to problems with the delivery of steel needed for the structure, has since picked up the pace, according to Rob Yust, vice president for business affairs.

The steel erection is finally complete,” said Yust during the February Board of Governors meeting. “So, We should see some pretty good progress on that project.”

With the steel in place, the primary focus of the R.E. Smith construction crew has moved to the completion of the roof. According to Bob Harrington, director of physical plant, the only thing standing in the way at this point are the winter weather conditions.

“They’re working on [the roof] as quickly as they can, but if we continue to get all the snow and rain, it’ll delay it another couple of days,” said Harrington. “Obviously they’ve got to have the roof clear to put the final membrane down and secure it.”

Harrington says the construction crew is hoping to have the roof complete by the start of spring break. Once it is complete, they will be able to begin working on the second floor.

“We’ve got to get the roof done so they can enclose the rest of the second floor,” said Harrington. 

“Then they can start hanging sheetrock and do the mud and taping on the sheetrock, but they have to have the building weather tight at that point.”

Though the completion of the roof may be delayed due to weather, overall construction can still continue on the first floor inside the building. In addition to putting the steel in place, the crew has managed to pour all of the concrete slabs, finish the framework for the glass wall at the front of the weight room and completed all of the interior and exterior masonry walls for the first floor.

Also complete is the building’s mechanical room.

“It’s done, transformers are set,” said Harrington. “It will have permanent power by the end of this week.”

Currently, the construction crew is working on some of the stud and sheetrock walls on the first floor and have put up most of the studs for the sheetrock walls on the second floor.

Additionally, with all of the locations for the backing of the signage for both Southern and Freeman determined, the crew is expected to begin placing the metal panels that enclose the outside on the building.

“The electrical is in place for all the signage, so they’re getting ready to start putting up the metal panels that will actually enclose the second floor,” said Harrington.

The entire fieldhouse is expected to be finished around the end of July or first of August, and will be ready for use for the 2016 fiscal year.