Missouri Southern Foundation program creates 30 new scholarships

Brad Stout, Executive Editor

The Southern Match scholarship initiative, which was launched by the Missouri Southern Foundation in April in order to increase the value of new scholarships, has now established a total of 30 new endowed scholarships for students on campus.

According to Delores Honey, director of donor relations, the limited-time program saw the Foundation set aside an initial $200,000 to use as matching funds in every newly created endowed scholarship. This allowed the Foundation to place an additional $10,000 in every new scholarship where a donor had gifted at least $10,000, which met the initiative’s minimal principal amount of $20,000.

Though the program was limited to a total of 20 scholarships when it was created, its success led the Foundation to extend the program and provide an additional $100,000 to be used as matching funds for 10 more new scholarships. Overall, the incentive of the matching program has brought in an additional $300,000 through donations.

“We’re thrilled that many people have stepped up and have brought in $300,000 basically, in new funds,” said Honey.

These 30 scholarships will provide assistance to students in a wide range of areas — from accounting and dental to nursing and athletics.

“We’re excited that Southern Match exceeded our initial expectations,” said Honey. “Our students will be the beneficiaries of some very generous donors.”