National Honor Society inducts Southern students


Pablo E. Ortiz, The Chart

Pictured from left to right, senior physics majors and Sigma Pi Sigma members Ben Starkey, Kristine Pritchard, and Theresa Botzow. 

Jack Girard, Staff Writer

Two years after the opening of the physics club on campus, five students have been inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Honor Society for Physics. The physics majors are: Theresa Botzow, senior, Kristine Pritchard, senior, Ben Starkey, senior,  Marissa Gard, alumna, and Philip Kovach, senior. Botzow serves as president with Pritchard as Treasurer and Starkey as Secretary.

Since then, they have had a number of guest speakers for their meetings. These have included a Dr. David Mckee from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a graduate student from Arkansas State University speaking on climate modeling, and a speaker from Jet Propulsion Labs.

Southern’s Chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma discussed having a demonstration day, but the idea is tentatively scheduled for spring. Sigma Pi Sigma also said they wished to reach out beyond the campus and to secondary schools well.

“If I had heard about physics earlier, I would have known what I wanted,” Pritchard said.

Sigma Pi Sigma also has plenty of scholarship opportunities, research grants, and travel opportunities that the organization wants to share with Southern.

A GPA of 3.3 is one pre-requisite to join. Major of physics is preferred and physics classes above 250 toward a physics major are required. Sigma Pi Sigma is separate from the Physics club, which is open to the public.

In August, Botzow was investigating classes for her final semester and found information on the registrar’s website. She found Sigma Pi Sigma, petitioned for signatures, and all five were inducted on the 30th. The advisor for the organization is also a member, saying the pin he received from Sigma Pi Sigma was his favorite award.