Student reflections from London


Phaze Roeder, Contributer

Southern student Phaze Roeder recently spent a weekend in Wales. With Roeder are her friends she has made in the study abroad program. Friends include Graciela Estevez from Puerto Rico, Mickey Johnson from North Carolina and Marion Edme from France.

Phaze Roeder, Contributer

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. Ibn Battuta’s statement is very accurate I think. Though I don’t know that I’m quite Twain or Hemingway, I do have a few things worth sharing.. which is almost as good. 

So last year, right as I was to start my final year at university, I made the rather spontaneous decision to study abroad. I went to Dr. Chad Stebbins’ office, director of the International Studies Department and he told me all about The University of London at Roehampton. 

I had always wanted to visit London, seeing as it is one of the top literary cities in the world, so why not do it now, and for a whole semester at that, before I graduate and have to join the grown up world? 

He directed me to the website to apply, and was seemingly at my every beck and call over the next couple months as I worked on the application, admissions essay, and asked a thousand questions (gonna throw a huge shout out to him by the way, thank you Chad!). 

When I received my official letter of acceptance in October, I was, to put it lightly, freaking out a bit. In part because I was actually going to London, but also because I was leaving everything behind here. It was hard and continues to be, but I wouldn’t take back this opportunity for anything.

I have opened doors for myself I couldn’t have in the states; immersing myself in a different culture, seeing architecture thousands of years old, having the ability to visit any part of Europe on a whim! As a student you are required to be open to new ideas and loads of information and I strongly believe that a part of that should be done whilst studying in a new country, out of your comfort zone surrounded by new people, globalizing yourself through broadened experiences.

I have every confidence that anyone CAN make it happen, regardless of whether you agree or not, because it is attainable. Missouri Southern made this process extremely simple, with constant assistance and advice, and there are so many ways to pay for it and I can promise, in my not so expert opinion, that every cent is worth it. 

Speaking of, my semester here including tuition, books, accommodation, food, trips I’ve taken and will take, I’ve spent less than 15 grand. That’s pretty good (especially considering the frivolous spending I’m doing) and I am in no way a wealthy individual(unfortunately) but I saved, borrowed and worked my butt off for scholarships and here I am, not starving and able to spend weekends in Italy and Amsterdam and wherever else, meeting people from all over the world and having an unforgettable time. 

It has been an amazing 6 weeks, and I can guarantee that whether it is London or elsewhere, studying abroad is well worth it!