Ethos percussion performs at Southern

Thanks in part to the instruments loaned from the music department at Missouri Southern, Ethos Percussion performed in Corley Auditorium last Thursday evening.

Armed with cappuccino frothers and boomwhackers, the four men in the group (Benny Koonyevsky, Michael Lipsey, Eric Phinney, and Yousif Sheronick) effortlessly played one particular song known as Ziggurat (interior), which was designed to mimic the construction of this ancient Mesopotamian structure. 

Though all men appear middle-aged, they performed with such energy that they had the audience of an estimated 250 people amazed at their skill and charmed by their wit.

The men seemed to be having the time of their lives, making even the most highly technical pieces flow seamlessly together with almost no effort. The only indications of fatigue came from the small clusters of sweat revealed by the glaring lights which beat down on the performers.

Admittedly though, there was one aspect of their show that was rather difficult. After the intense cadence of the Ziggurat (interior) piece subsided, Michael Lipsey made a comment that resonated with many in the large audience.

“The hardest part is standing up afterwards,” he said, which brought loud cheers from the older attendees.

Ethos Percussion was brought to Joplin by a local non-profit, Promusica, whose goal is to promote classical music in the Joplin and four-state area. Other acts sponsored by Promusica will be in Joplin soon. Among them are Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play, a jazz concert held at Ozark Christian College on May 7 at 7:30 p.m. and the Warrensburg Community Band concert held at the Oval at Southern on June 24 at 8:00 p.m.