Let the finals madness begin

Finals Madness hits Friday, May 6.

Sponsored by the Student Activities Board and the Health and Wellness center, Finals Madness will feature a variety of locations and activities. Two hundred t-shirts are available for the first 200 people with student ID’s.

 “The whole purpose of finals madness is to give students the opportunity to have fun, to celebrate that classes are over and give them a healthy option that’s still fun,” Heather Arnold, Director of Aquatics and Wellness, said, “we want to make it a little safer environment than if people were to go out.”

Start time is seven Friday evening in the basement level of the student life center.

The event there is called the Throwback Time Machine which features a DJ   projecting music videos and classic hits. Make and take crafts including custom license plates and shutter shades will be available. A graffiti wall will bet set up outside as well. This will continue until ten where the SAB leaves off and the Wellness Center picks up.

The students can then continue the Madness at Tilt where Southern has pre-paid for every game until twelve. From there, students can return to May’s dining hall. Everyone who walks through the door will receive a raffle ticket. Of those tickets, two to four of them will be called every fifteen minutes. Late night breakfast will be served, continuing long running tradition of Finals Madness. Karaoke will also be provided alongside board games.

Finals Madness has run for fifteen year plus on the last night of spring classes. Last year, bubble soccer was introduced and warmly received. Skating was another popular activity being considered for the coming years.