Student Senate debates funding for campus organizations

Quinten Sargent

Missouri Southern’s Student Senate met Wednesday in their committees to discuss current campus involvement.

The finance committee conduct– ed appropriation hearings for var- ious campus organizations.

The first request came from Abby Finder,

senior pre-med major, representing Cath olic Campus Ministries. CCM was ask ing for $1000 to offset the costs for their upcoming “SEEK retreat” hosted by Fel lowship of Catholic University Students.

CCM students believe attendance at the retreat will give them opportunities to not only enhance their spirituality but to also spread spirituality throughout campus.

Later, Ashley Burns, junior biology ma jor, and event coordinator for honors program Epsilon Mu Sigma, requested

$293.18 to fund the first MSSU Yule Ball. Honor students attending the event can bring a plus one and would be eligible to receive one of their required six points to keep their position as part of the program. And finally, the last funding request of the evening was postponed pending the acquisition of additional information by thestudentorganizationseekingthefunds. The finance committee plans to vote on the appropriationsatthenextbodymeetingwhich they will hold on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016.