Senate looks at new class

Michelle Conty

A new course may become available for Missouri Southern students.

Casey Highland, senior senator and chairman of the academic policy committee, said the course titled Windows Programming with Microsoft Foundation Classes (CIS 380), would be offered through the school of technology.

Currently, Dr. Jack Oakes, head of the department of computer information science, is proposing the course.

Previous Senate member, Jacob Brower, senior mass communications major, applied for an open position on Senate and was appointed with a unanimous vote.

The Comparative Education and Cultures Club requested $990 for 22 students to take a side trip during a 17-day trip to Italy during intersession.

“We are asking for $45 per student to visit Pisa and Mt. Etna during our visit,” said Jenny Ford, senior secondary education major.

The club is going on the trip to compare and contrast education systems in the United States and Italy.

Since the club has not been established for six months, it would take a three-quarters vote of the Senate to allocate funds.

Ford and her organization met opposition from the Senate because the club was formed from and consists only of students taking the Comparative Cultures course.

“This is a class,” said Andrew McGowan, Senate treasurer. “The members consist of members of the class. Half the cost of the trip was provided by the Institute of International Studies.

“I think this trip is good, but I don’t want to set a precedent for classes asking us for money. It is not a recognized club.”

“These people went into this class knowing they were going to spend this money,” said Stacey Allen, Senate secretary.

Although there were members of the Senate who were not in opposition the club was not granted funding.

“If we have extra money at the end of the semester, we could possibly allocate money then,” said Zach Miller, freshman senator.

Senate did unanimously allocate $1,000 toward the street signs soon to be on campus roads.

Senate is planning a trip on Feb. 18 to Jefferson City.

“We’re sending letters to local legislatures to let them know we will be in Jefferson City,” Odem said. “We’ll do some informal lobbying for university status.”