Chaos proves need for improvement

The University of Belgrade building for the engineering department stands as a center of hope for the future of the country.

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The University of Belgrade building for the engineering department stands as a center of hope for the future of the country.

Kosta Savic

With the coming of the new government, the attitudes of students and younger generations has changed toward the government’s politics. The previous regime had a solid and strong tendency toward centralization and having all cultural development under its control and influence. Students and artists were protesting against single-minded values toward the cultural life of its citizens. A non-criticizing attitude of such administration lead the culture toward rebellious stage against constraints and fighting for liberation of art.

In Serbia and Montenegro, during the period of many years, working on the black market in light of abnormal inflation was the highest paid profession. Such conditions lead to increasing number of crime, along with rejection of all values, morals and right judgments toward the criminal activities. At the same time, people that profited from the wars have to live with the fugitives that lost everything in those wars. These situations lead people to change their beliefs and way of conduct in order to bend backwards for the corrupted government and become part of the system that will lead them all to poverty.

However, conflict and the rebellious movements are asking for positive changes. The students, and the future of Yugoslavia, are not accepting the system that does not give them the liberty and opportunity for achievements. Therefore, students are leaving the country, taking roads toward more liberal cultures with higher perspectives on future. Those students are not willing to fight wars, except the ones for their own success. The sad but real question remains on whether intelligent people left the country or they were only making an intelligent decision to leave. It will take decades, if ever, to replace and rebuild lost values that have been spread all over the world. What could possibly persuade people to return to their home country that previously rejected them and additionally accused them as a traitors of their own nation?

An ancient philosophy still remains true that states “knowledge is power.” Current leaders of reforms in Serbia and Montenegro are people that gain their knowledge in foreign countries. Those people returned to make extraordinary changes and bring the shine that the country once had before they left, right before the sunset. The real question remains on schedule of reconstructions.

Continuing creativity is the road of vision for future educational development. The basic requirement for creating positive perspectives for students inside Serbia and Montenegro is the ability to sustain everyday life and create adequate strategy for resolving daily assignments. A very commonly used propaganda’s phrase is, “In step with the world.” This is supposed to represent people that inherited bad luck from the previous government.

However, the new government is seeing a core future prosperity for those people if everyone is willing to participate.

It is also necessary to state the problem of low birth rate that the government is trying to stimulate with the money that does not exist. The future condition of this country depends on concerns about the children. The government is supposed to support talents in providing scholarships in exchange for willingness to work and study. Parallel campaigns against children’s use of alcohol and drugs are trying to lead the children in the right direction. As of last year, the government is introducing the subjects of religion and correct education in the curriculum of middle and high school in order to somewhat secure future existence of this country.

Necessary reforms in education and cooperation with the universities of the world, as well as proper network of information, will lead Serbia and Montenegro to the world.

Current students, growing up in times when the rest of the world was rejecting them, will never forget that episode of their lives, but will hope in good relations and a better future.