Life should come first, love second

Quinten Sargent

Over Christmas break I did a lot of nothing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who found myself deep in blankets watching horrible acting in cheesy romantic films, hoping my soulmate would slide in my DMs, which quite frankly is laughable.

A commonality I see between all college students is the quest to find love, and the desire to achieve personal goals. Since we all have different aspirations in life I find it rather puzzling that we put love over our passions.

We are all so different, we all have so much to offer the world, and it amazes me to think so many of us are willing to give that up for a temporary relationship. We are college students, young and naive.

Our relationships aren’t expected to last. We’re expected to forget the past and create the future. So create the future, forget the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the messy on and off again relationship.

Buy that plane ticket to Tahiti, take that internship in Los Angeles, see the world, meet new people, and pursue that degree that everyone advises you to stray away from.

If we put as much focus into our futures as we do relationships we would all have straight A’s, and the Dean’s List would be less of an honor and more of an expected achievement.

The more I thought, and blogged, I came to the realization: we shouldn’t be looking for any sort of relationship, we should be looking towards the future.

So all in all over Christmas break, I decided that finding love is, and should be second to my goals, and yours as well.