Review Corner: Famous magician proves himself Fearless on DVD

David Haut

David Haut

David Haut

His tricks are flawless. The reactions he gets are priceless. The man is fearless.

In his DVD Fearless, David Blaine performs tricks and illusions which appeal to the eye and dazzle the mind. Blaine bites a quarter in half, levitates and helps a beggar win the lottery. Blaine is truly a master of his craft.

Blaine began his magic career at an early age. After doing street magic for years, Blaine became connected with ABC, who after an interview, immediately began work on his first TV special. Years later, Blaine is world famous.

The DVD is a compilation of his first three television specials, “Street Magic”, “Magic Man” and “Frozen in Time.”

His first two specials focus strictly on “Street Magic,” Blaine’s unique style of Magic performed on the street, completely surrounded by real people going about their everyday lives.

Blaine is truly a showman here. He demonstrates his skill without blinking an eye, and is never prideful for things he performs. Just sitting in front of the TV, I was amazed.

While a few of his card tricks and illusions can be learned by anyone, his style is fast-paced and unpredictable. His skill with a deck of cards is uncanny and rivaled by few.

Blaine also travels to South America, eager to show a different culture something it had never seen before – playing cards. Unable to speak the language, he uses his magic as a method of communication.

“Frozen in Time” chronicles Blaine’s preparation for a stunt: being frozen in a large block of ice, with nothing to eat. He survived for 61 straight hours with no sleep, living only on water. He practiced sleeping standing up. He sat in pools of ice water. He consulted physicians and physical trainers. After three days, Blaine emerged from the ice delirious. This special also includes some street magic not seen on his other specials.

Along with Blaine’s three specials, the DVD includes unseen content cut from the originals, as well as newspaper articles about his ice-cube stunt.

While some of his tricks seem outdated or amateur, he will amaze you one way or another. This is a DVD you will want to rewind and watch in slow-motion, just to see how he did it.

This DVD is a great diversion from mainstream movies.

If you’re looking to be amazed, or just something different, I recommend David Blaine: Fearless.