Crossroads back to yearbook

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I hope you will consider printing this letter both on the internet as well as in the print copy of The Chart.

CABs suggestion of making Crossroads into a yearbook is a total waste of time and money. I am a non-traditional student attending college in effort of gaining a new career. I do not think writing for a yearbook is going to be anywhere near as beneficial for obtaining a career as a writer as writing for a newspaper and magazine is going to be. Actually writing a yearbook has no value. I am paying to attend college so I will be able to start a career as a freelance writer and write for some of the larger outdoor companies, A yearbook will not do this. If the organizations on this campus are interested in where the money goes and what it is used for let me put in my two cents. I, along with many other non-tradional students, pay an activity fee each semester, including summer, of which CAB receives a good portion. This activity fee is not voluntary it is paid by every student, yet of all the activities CAB conducts none of them we (non-trads) have noticed are geared toward older non-tradional students. Enough of that. My point is this, I and many of the non-trads are here for a career degree, either a new career or advancement in the present career. For me, that is a degree that will aid in my becoming a writer and writing a year book has nothing to do with it. So leave Crossroads as it is and if you want a yearbook CAB can fund it, after all I’m paying for part of that too. Thanks for your time and Long Live Crossroads. Russ Roper sophomore, Mass Comm. w/ emphasis on writing