New HUD restrictions deny students housing

Monique Jamerson

New HUD restrictions will prevent full-time students from renting certain apartments.

Housing and Urban Development is a tax credit property issue that turns away full-time students or students that have been full-time in the past twelve months.

Adrienne Thomas, assistant manager of the Northpark Apartments, said the state makes the decision that regulates who can rent from HUD regulated apartments.

“It’s not that we don’t want the students here, it’s just that it’s not our decision to make that decision,” Thomas said.

Northpark Apartments will rent to a student who is part-time and has been for the last twelve months or non-students.

“The whole household cannot be made up of full-time students,” Thomas said.

Elias Bichara, senior marketing major is a former tenant of the Northpark Apartments.

Bichara was told to vacate the premises due to the fact that he was a full-time student.

He thinks the rules are a contradiction because most students are “poor.”

“I knew it was coming but I didn’t care,” Bichara said. “I think it’s dumb because they claim their apartments are income-based but yet they won’t let students live there.”

Alexis Mallory, sophomore speech communication major, said she feels as if the state made a bad choice of location because it is so convenient for Missouri Southern students.

“If full-time students were allowed to live in Northpark Apartments, it might heighten attendance at Southern during the winter storms,” said Mallory.

Oak Meadows Apartments are under the same restrictions and may add some of their own.

“We are looking for families who will remain in the apartments, and usually it is not a student,” said Debbie Clemons, administrative assistant of the Oak Meadows.

“Not only do we not rent to full-time students but we do not rent to drug dealers, those who have been convicted of domestic abuse or those who have a criminal background.”

Oak Meadows will rent to those who are single parents who are on Division of Family Services or students who have children and all renting depends on gross income.

The Park Apartments are under Section 42 of affordable housing.

They also do not rent to full-time students.

Susie Erwin, manager of Park, said all renting is based on income.