Missing pole sends security searching

Property Destruction


11:00 p.m.

Security patrol noticed a security pole was missing just outside of East Hall. The pole was one near a fire lane.

An officer then searched each side of campus for damaged vehicles, but was unsuccessful.

Further investigation indicates the pole was taken out by being pulled with a chain or cable.

Disruptive Conduct


11:00 p.m.

Security was called to the Student Life Center in regards to a disruptive student.

The student came to the cafeteria gate and asked to be let in to find his backpack. The worker on duty allowed the student in, but the student turned and used several expletives.

The worker advised security the student had found the backpack as the student was wearing one as he left the building.

Damaged Vehicle


1:50 p.m.

A student called security after she found her car dented in parking lot #38. An officer observed the dent was large enough to have been made by another vehicle’s bumper.

Black marks were found on the car as well.

There are no suspects at this time.