Board hears Alumni Association strategic plan, discusses stadium

T.J. Gerlach

After a moment of silence in respect for fallen Joplin Police officer and Missouri Southern alumnus Tim Nielson, the Board of Governors began its Sept. 17 meeting.

The majority of the meeting concerned the Alumni Association presenting its “strategic plan”. Members of the Alumni Association Board were present, including Cameo Harrington, Alumni Association board president.

Harrington presented the plan to the Governors. In the presentation, Harrington said the association will adopt a new mission statement, which they will use to help them focus on the strategic plan. The plan includes increasing membership in the Alumni Association, increasing staff in the alumni office and increasing involvement within the community and on campus.

Also, Harrington said the Alumni Association would like to begin establishing local chapters, beginning with Joplin as a base to start the chapters. If successful, chapters could start in Kansas City, Springfield, Tulsa and northwest Arkansas.

Dwight Douglas, Board president, said he thinks the strategic plan shows a lot of vision for the Alumni Association’s future.

“It shows a lot of organization and development within the Association,” Douglas said.

Harrington also said part of the strategic plan includes renovating the mansion. She said the plan is to have the first floor of the mansion completed by January 2007, the second floor by January 2008 and the grounds around the mansion completed in January 2009.

During the construction report, Dr. Terri Agee, vice president for business affairs, gave estimates for completing the east stands of Hughes Stadium.

Agee said completing the stands all the way up to the supports would cost about $400,000 and add about 2,000 seats to the stadium. Completing the stands to the top of the entry way and cutting off the remaining portion of the supports would cost about $228,000.

The Board decided to examine the issue further and explore different options and their prices.

“I’d like to do something,” Douglas said. “But we’re not in any hurry, so let’s explore some options.”

Also discussed at the meeting:

* Dr. Richard McCallum, vice president for academic affairs, gave progress reports on the graduate programs. McCallum said the goal for the master’s of teaching in education program, in cooperation with Southwest Missouri State University classes to begin is summer 2005.

* McCallum said the academic affairs office is anticipating the retirement of Dr. Charles Thelen, professor of music.