The NFL has replaced MLB despite poor representation of a “professional organization”

Trey Vaughan

America’s Pastime is fading away, some may not even know what I’m talking about when I refer to it as that. American’s prefer to be entertained by men who abuse women instead, or lie about it, or even lie about their friends doing it.

Why are we still allowing the NFL to be our favorite sport, America? Why as Americans do we still give the NFL all the attention, fame, popularity, and everything else that we do? The NFL and college football do nothing but give us reasons to be upset with them.

Allow me to go without explaining all the ways they do so, because we would be here for an extra 700 words and none of us have time for that. We both know the domestic violence issues, and the terrible management of the NFL, and worthless use of suspensions.

The NFL is irritating. Simple. Athletes aren’t punished for wrongdoings. Teams don’t want to suspend their stars because winning is more important than life. I’ll ask again, why do we continue to make it our favorite professional sport? I want to make a case for America’s Pastime.

The MLB has been on the back burner for a long time. It might actually be down in the sewer pipes now, and that is horrible to think about. Especially since it lost its position to a professional sport that condones disgusting behavior.

The MLB is a man’s game. I’m not saying baseball makes you more man-like. I am saying that the men in the game are actually men. They go out 162 times a season and play ball. They don’t add politics into their sport, they don’t abuse their wives or girlfriends, they don’t act foolish and get themselves in trouble off the field for stupid things.

Tell me the last time someone in the MLB was in trouble for domestic abuse, or something not related to use of PED’s. Please entertain me.

I’m not saying these guys are perfect, sure they may have some off the field behaviors that I would not be happy about but at least they don’t do things that get them into legal trouble and make you not want to be a fan of them.

They don’t get in trouble for shooting a gun at a night club (Plaxico Burress), or getting pulled over for having a weapon in their car they shouldn’t have (Marshawn Lynch). They are just a better collected group of men.

The MLB depicts great morals, characteristics, leadership, management, and so many more things that we as Americans should be looking up to.

I’ll be honest with you, baseball is my favorite sport to play and watch. My opinion on this topic has nothing to do with bias though. I simply hate to continue hearing about the morally disgusting things happening in football.

Let me move to college football for a moment.

We all know about what Urban Meyer has been going through so I won’t waste your time preaching to you about that, but he has been punished softly and gently. Like a puffs plus kleenex, as my man Kelvin Duley II would say.

I’m from Oklahoma, so when it comes to college football I am a huge sooner fan. Let me give you a few recent examples of sooners with some poor behavior. Baker Mayfield getting slammed with public intoxication, and getting slammed by that officer after trying to run. Joe Mixon knocking a girl out in a bar.

No matter the situation or what the reason is for those things, it just doesn’t look good on your name. Those things make people dislike you. Yet, when they get to the NFL it’s almost like we put them on a completely different pedestal.

Even in the NBA, which I believe is growing in popularity and fan base, the players just don’t get in trouble for all the thing that those in the NFL get in trouble for.

The last time you heard anything derogatory about an NBA player was probably Kobe Bryant and the accusation between him and the teenage girl. Which was forever ago.

I’m not asking anyone to stop watching football by any means, because I’m not going to stop watching it. But let’s start showing our disgust towards these “men” and their behaviors. The NFL is fun to watch. It’s exciting. It’s football, and Americans love football.

We shouldn’t love the things that these guys are doing. Let’s start respecting the class act-athletes of America. It’s time we got back to loving baseball. Bring America’s Pastime back.