Radio station finds way onto primetime TV series

Radio station finds way onto primetime TV series

Radio station finds way onto primetime TV series

Nate Billings

Local radio station images are heading to Hollywood.

A team of Warner Brother’s set decorators selected the 88.7 KXMS Fine Arts Radio International logo to use in the new series “Jack and Bobby”.

“We wanted to give some authenticity to the show,” said Helina Sevolicz, set decorator for the “Jack and Bobby” series.

The show features a fictional institution called Plains State University in the town of Hart, Mo. The town, in reality, is less than an hour away from Joplin. However, the town depicted in the show is not based on any Missouri town.

While searching for items to add authenticity to the show, Sevolicz said the idea of having a Missouri radio station appealed to her.

Jeff Skibbe, general manager of KXMS, was contacted afterward and an agreement to use the logo was made.

“It’s almost unprecedented [to use a radio station’s logo],” Skibbe said. “We can’t buy this kind of publicity.”

He said the idea was surprising to him.

“We were basically thrilled,” he said. “My first thought was, ‘who’s fooling me.’ Then, I got the fax, and I knew it was real.”

The contract allows WB to use the logo free and unconditionally, except for any negative use that may bring harm to KXMS’s image.

Sevolicz said the idea of using a radio station’s logo in a production is not necessarily a rare thing, but rather, dependent on whether the station gives the clearance to use the logo.

Skibbe said he would help the decorators in any way he can. So far, he has sent the decorators a large poster and two large mugs with the logo on them.

Both Skibbe and Sevolicz said the logo was chosen because of its look and location in Missouri.

The series depicts a mother and her two sons, Jack and Bobby McCallister. Bobby will grow up to be President of the United States. The show is a documentary from the year 2049 detailing his life.

Currently, KXMS has a link and summary of the series on their Web site at

“It’ll (the links) bring a lot of people to the website,” Skibbe said.

Sevolicz said she enjoys people getting a use of their product placements in a series.

The logos are located in the mother’s (Grace McCallister) office at Plains State University.

The logos are among other items in the office set off to give Grace a background and history.

Sevolicz said she cannot remember where the logo was specifically placed, but it also depends on the angles and items in the room as to whether the logo has been seen or not.

“I’m pretty sure it has been seen,” Sevolicz said.

“Jack and Bobby” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time on the WB Network.

It can be seen again at the same time on Thursdays.