Kerry Falls Short

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Kerry Falls Short


If Al Qaeda was a debating society, I might vote for John Kerry. He’s a good talker. But they’re terrorists who want to kill us, so I’m voting for a leader – BUSH. If John Kerry had ever created even one single job in his life, I might vote for him. But he’s had his snout in the public feeding trough his whole life – and been a kept man in his off hours. I’m voting for BUSH who created 2 million jobs in the past 13 months. If John Kerry really believed in lower government taxes, I might vote for him. But he voted for the single largest tax increase in American history. He even voted to tax the Social Security benefits of our seniors. I’m voting for the man who cut taxes for every single person who pays taxes – BUSH. If John Kerry would put America’s interests first and not cower before other nations, I might vote for him. But he believes more in passing a “Global Test” given by the same nations who were bribed with money from the United Nations Oil for Food program than with putting America first. I’m voting for the man who put America first and was willing to work with any friendly nation to accomplish our security – BUSH. If John Kerry took terrorism seriously, I might vote for him. But viewing terrorism as simply a “nuisance” is exactly what emboldened our enemies when we failed to respond to the bombing for the USS Cole and the first World Trade Center bombing. I’m voting for the leader who stepped up and treated terrorism for exactly what it is – a war on America. I’m voting for BUSH. If John Kerry actually cared about our troops overseas, he would have visited them in Afghanistan or Iraq at least one time – like other members of Congress. He would have voted to provide the funds for what they needed. I’m voting for the leader who is favored by 78% of our military – BUSH. They know the situation in Iraq and what it means to lead and fight and they overwhelmingly support BUSH. If John Kerry had supported Gulf War I when Saddam Hussein invaded a neighboring country, I might believe he has the character to lead. Kerry even voted against that war, despite a coalition of 40 nations that included France and Germany. It is obvious he won’t lead until the enemy has his boot on our throats. I’m voting for the one candidate who leads. The one candidate who spreads freedom. The one candidate who isn’t afraid to put himself on the line for our protection – BUSH. If our country was electing a Critic in Chief, I would surely vote for John Kerry since that is what he seems to do best. There is nothing about America he can’t find fault with. Since we’re electing a Commander in Chief, I’m voting for BUSH – the man who won two wars and set 52 million people free. Afghanistan just had its first free election in 5,000 years. Iraq will join them soon. Kerry yaks, BUSH acts. If John Kerry had accomplished anything in his 20 year Senate career about any of the issues that are suddenly important to him, I might vote for him. If he had introduced any piece of legislation, seeing it through to becoming law about any of his new found criticisms of America, I might take him seriously. He has not. I’m voting for the man who does what he says. Who is not afraid to take on the tough issues. Who has shown he can lead when times are tough. Who has actually created jobs, met a payroll, been a chief executive of Texas and of America. Who has comforted warriors and victims of disaster. Who has led the war on terror that has decimated Al Qaeda and keeps Osama holed up in a cave. Who has demonstrated that in this election he alone is the real deal. BUSH. My father fought in WWII in the Navy in the South Pacific against the Japanese. He volunteered to fight in WWII. During the war he had 5 ships sink that he was on. He had cuts and bruises and other battle related injuries. But he DID NOT put in for nor would have excepted a Purple Heart medal. Because when he went to the hospitals and saw men that lost limbs and those that could not walk anymore. THESE are the men that DESIRVE that medal and probably other medals. If John Kerry had refused his Purple Heart medals because his injuries were NOT serious and 2 of them may have been not intentional but self inflicted. I might have voted for Kerry. Because of this and the other reasons listed in this letter I will vote for a true and proven leader. BUSH. Thanks for your time and consideration.


Larry R. BentonSaint Louis, MO [email protected]