wasted paper

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This isn’t really meant to be a letter to be published. I’ve simply noticed that The Chart has asked for story ideas and I’d like to suggest one.

Students on campus need to become more aware of their paper usage when using campus printers. I work in the Library and have seen so much paper wasted I’ve been aghast.

Example – one student printed off an 85 page document from a computer and never picked it up. We threw it in the trash at the end of the evening.

Another public user needed a book that was checked out by a student so she found it in full text online and printed off all 300 plus pages!

One Sunday evening, a student got a little heavy-handed with the print button (her report wasn’t printing fast enough) and printed off 7 copies of a 30 something page report. She kept one, we threw the other 6 (approx. 200 pages) in the trash.

As staff, we are told not to worry too much about it and not to say anything to our patrons. But maybe a little reminder in the Chart about killing unnecessary trees, or keeping tuition costs down, etc.?

Thanks, Sara FanningDavid Haut’s ex-girlfriend’s mother & MSSU student