Music lover seeks reliable future plan

Jessica Regan, freshman undecided major, aspires to pursue her dream career as a recording engineer.

Jessica Regan, freshman undecided major, aspires to pursue her dream career as a recording engineer.

Bonnie Coose

After discovering she had a brain tumor to finding out her mother is a lesbian, Jessica Ragan, a freshman undecided major, is no stranger to unexpected surprises.

“The doctors found my brain tumor while doing a routine checkup,” she said. “And after a childhood of happy memories, my parents divorced due to my mom’s lesbianism, which I never saw coming.”

The tumor was located on the brain stem and she now has a four-inch scar from multiple surgeries to prove it. The tumor was found when she was in first grade.

After the surgeries, she spent time in both physical and speech therapy to learn how to walk and talk again.

“By third grade I was caught back up with my class,” she said. “The doctors were all amazed.”

When Ragan was in eighth grade, her mother came out as a homosexual, thus resulting in her parents divorce.

“It was definitely a tough time,” she said. “But, I love my mom, and I always will, lesbian or not.”

Ragan’s mother now lives with a woman whom she calls her “wife.” The other woman’s children also live in the household, which is located in Ragan’s hometown of Lamar.

Ragan takes her mother’s alternative lifestyle in stride, and in many ways defends it.

“People think gays shouldn’t have kids because the kids will be gay too,” she said.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m not gay. My mother has never pressured me to be gay. She knows how hard a lifestyle it is, and she would never wish that kind of life on me, or anyone else.”

Ragan’s plans for the future include finishing out this year at Missouri Southern and then heading to Long Island, where she will attend the Audio Recording Technology Institute.

Ragan plays five instruments including drums and guitar. She has always loved for music.

“Since I was little I’ve wanted to do something in the music industry,” she said. “Now I think I’ve found my place. I want to become a recording engineer.”

For the time being, Ragan is content to hang out with her friends, relax, and enjoy her last months in Missouri.

“I feel like I’m just resting up before my life starts to get crazy,” she said.