Students deserve fall break

Students deserve fall break

Barry Linduff

Students deserve fall break

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Southern students need a break. College students all over the nation take a break after their mid-terms, go home and visit family and friends.

Why shouldn’t Southern? Southern students go to school for 81 days in the fall semester, that is more than most other colleges in the state.

It is not asking for much. Just a couple of days off, an extended weekend, something, anything to give students a little relief from the grueling semester they endure in the fall. After all, Labor Day is the only vacation students get to enjoy before Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, it’s usually during one of the first two weeks classes begin after a three-month vacation. That means students are in school a whopping 11 weeks straight.

Someone, or maybe everyone, will start to feel a definite pull after mid-terms. In fact, everyone has a hard time finishing classes before the well-deserved Thanksgiving break.

To compensate for this, many students often skip one or more classes simply for relief. Just a couple of days off after mid-terms would likely give students the breather they need.

Southern also has a goal of increasing the number of students living on campus.

A break would give those students a chance to visit home for more than just one day. Many students skip classes after mid-terms to go home anyway.

Southern might as well allow students have a break instead of the unnecessary possibility of hurting their grades.

Whether or not the administration will admit to it, a break is needed.