Senate-backed idea creates stir on floor

Eric Ducommun - Student Senate President

Eric Ducommun – Student Senate President

Nate Billings

With many voiced opinions, Student Senate met Jan. 26.

The Senate saw only one item of old business, and then a resolution for the tsunami relief fund.

The resolution was brought together by the Tsunami Relief Committee formed by several senators. The group presented its idea of what Senate should do to help with the funds.

Netza Smith, senior senator and member of the committee, said the Senate should do all it can to show it wants to help.

“In a sense, it demonstrates we have an international mission,” he said.

The resolution called for a day of remembrance for Missouri Southern to participate in. At noon, on Feb. 14, a moment of silence will be observed at the flagpole outside of the Billingsly Student Center.

The funds the resolution called for were to be determined by the Senate.

This brought up some debate as senators thought the sums were either too low or too high.

After several minutes of discussion, the body came to a compromise. Senate will match the funds of all incoming groups raising money between Feb. 1 and Feb. 14 up to $1,500.

Senators will also help with their own fund-raising drives at tables in the BSC and Spiva Library during a period yet to be determined.

Also, senators suggested sending requests to local businesses to have them match the funds Senate will allocate.

The resolution, which has been passed by the Senate, will be finalized and committed next week during the Wednesday meeting should an amendment be needed.

Eric Ducommun, Senate president, said he is proud of the committee and hopes the students will turn out for the drives.

All money will go to the International Red Cross.

“I’m proud of the committee for stepping up and asking local businesses to help out,” he said.

The other item of business was the allocation of $1,000 to Delta Epsilon Chi for career development conferences this semester.

Senate also saw the new face of Brek Steele, junior environmental health major, fill a vacant spot in the Senate floor.

Steele said he joined the Senate because he wanted to help his fellow students.

Josh Doak, adviser to Senate said he would like to see more senators come to the meetings.

“You chose these positions,” he said. “It’s your responsibility.”