Editor grateful to others

Noelle Ott - Sports Editor

Noelle Ott – Sports Editor

Noelle Ott

This semester has been new to me. I’ve learned to go on three hours of sleep and how much preparation it takes before each game.

However, that was just the technical stuff. What matters are the people behind the scenes. I’m talking about the coaches, players, and the people at The Chart.

First, the coaches. Southern’s coaches have impressed me. All of them have such dedication to their players and to Southern itself. They pay the price for the hours they put in, but there are no complaints. For example, Jennifer Jimerson, head softball coach, was peeling from a sunburn, but she didn’t really mention it in an interview. Instead she was pumped to talk about “her” players.

Second would be the athletes. There were two teams that stood out in my mind — softball and cheerleading. The softball team had great team chemistry and constantly had each other’s back. When they had no cheerleading squad, they made up their own cheers for each other. And actually, this brings me to the cheerleading squad. It never seemed to me they had school spirit because they’re on the cheerleading squad, but they were on the cheerleading squad because they have school spirit. Again, there are many other teams, but there simply isn’t enough room.

Third to mention are the people at The Chart. I should first mention Hallie Hocker, the other sports editor. Hallie is so respectful to the players and coaches.

Next is Andy Tevis and Adam Fast, our photographers. I’m sorry for theforgotten photo assignments, but I am thankful for your generosity.

I want to mention J.R. Ledford, the editors: T.J. Gerlach, Jessica MacIntosh, Nate Billings, Greg Salzer, Randall Benson, David Haut; and the wonderful staff members: Cookie Brown, Kathleen Cunnigham, Barry Linduff, Parker Willis, Mark Schuster, Jesse Millican and Cynthia Patrick. A brief mention of their names on page 4A isn’t enough for how you all have impacted my life.

And, thanks to Jesus. This semester has truly been more than I could’ve asked for.