Spring break trip to Texas proves to be rewarding, full of blessings

Noelle Ott - Sports Editor

Noelle Ott – Sports Editor

Noelle Ott

It’s hard to believe school is almost finished, but I’m ready for another break.

Spring break seemed like a teaser in the midst of school. Now that I’m pretty much adjusted to school again, I miss it. Rather, I miss what I did and where I was for it. During the break, I got to go to Arlington, Texas and help at Mission Arlington. It was an experience I never want to forget.

Mission Arlington helps people by giving them clothing, food, free dental or medical, helping them find a job and a variety of other types of aid.

Since I was there the week before Easter, they also had an Easter Store where parents can get free Easter baskets, clothing and gifts for their children and then hear the Easter story of Jesus’ resurrection.

Most of the time I helped in what is called the front room. It is here the people applied for assistance and talked to a counselor. I was one of the counselors. Many of the people and their situations broke your heart.

There was one man who, to be honest, I was afraid to talk to. He just looked tough.

However, it was my turn for an applicant, and he was next. After calling his name, he went into the counseling room and sat down.

As I went in, I noticed tears in his eyes. I started to talk to him and realized I had greatly misjudged this man. He had never had to ask for someone’s help and was usually the one giving help, but now he was in a situation where he didn’t have a job, had to sell his truck to have rent money and didn’t have a lot of food.

After learning this, I just let him talk. I realized at that point how much I have that I take for granted. I know we hear about this, but it doesn’t ring true until you are faced with someone who has next to nothing. I was able to pray with the guy, and he went away able to receive some needed help.

However, I think I was more blessed than he was.

There was one woman that still puts a smile to my face when I think about my encounter with her. One morning I was there I was just tired and a little bit grumpy. I took the next application and called her name. As I look at her application I noticed this woman had two children and three foster children.

As she came in after me the first words she said were, “I am so blessed. Mission Arlington has just blessed me.”

This went on for a while and when I was finally able to talk to her I asked her the obvious question, “How did Mission Arlington help you?” She said Mission Arlington had delivered a much-needed mattress and some other items.

She was so grateful. I then asked her what Mission Arlington could assist her with, and she asked for food for her children and some clothing as well.

After giving her a card for the needed items I asked if she had any prayer requests, and she said one of her foster kids had attempted suicide.

All of this and she was “so blessed.” Some of the things I complain about paled in comparison at that moment. After talking to her, I couldn’t be as grumpy after that. I knew if she could smile, so could I.

Well, sorry for the long stories, but looking back I see how I was probably blessed more than those I tried to help.

Truly Jesus’ words are true that say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”