A degree by any other name……

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A few years ago, I wrote to the Chart lamenting the uselessness of a degree from Southern. I was wrong. A degree from anywhere is worth something, if you apply it in the correct place. My BSBA, due to lack of opportunity and competition, isn’t worth much in the Joplin area. I had unreasonable expectations in that regard. It soon became apparent to me that I would have to relocate to find suitable employment. So I did. On August 20th, I will leave for my second journey to mainland China to teach English. Even though I’m not an English major, a bachelor’s degree and being a native speaker are enough qualifications. It’s quite a challenge, adapting to a foreign country. But it’s also amazingly easy if you are sincere about your work.

I’m looking forward to the school year and hope to continue this new-found career as long as possible.

Best Regards,Richard Shaw, BSBA Dec. ’95