Recycling should be serious

Recycling should be serious

Dwayne Mactavious

Recycling should be serious

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People never miss a good thing until it is gone. This may result as the case for students if they do not take care of their surroundings.

One of the surroundings most overlooked is the Earth.

Recycling is something not many people give much thought, tossing old homework assignments or candy wrappers as they go about their days.

There may be some danger for this recklessness.

It does not take five minutes to walk over to a recycling bin or better yet finding alternative uses to products.

One old flyer could contribute to the making of a newspaper or magazine

The American Paper & Forest Association said people tend to overlook the uses of recycled paper, and it can make things people would not imagine it could.

In the United States, each person creates an average of 4.5 pounds per day. The APFA is currently trying to recover at least 55 percent of all paper consumed by the year 2010 in the United States.

For example, animal bedding, kitty litter, insulation, newspapers and notebooks are just a small number of things paper can create.

The goals of the APFA are not impossible and can be achieved, but it is going to require an honest effort from everyone.

It is time students give back to the Earth which has allowed them to live and function.

Show it a little consideration and keep it clean. It is important to treat not only people, but things as one wants to be treated.