Celebration still necessary

Celebration still necessary

Celebration still necessary

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It seems like everyone gets to the age where some things are just juvenile. Beliefs in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter Bunny become non-existent when students reach a certain level of maturity.

What is interesting about some college students is they can indulge in campus water fights or play video games from sun up until sun down, but other activities which are similar are suddenly intended for kids.

At a young age many students look forward to Halloween, a time to step outside themselves; become something else and in turn be rewarded with assorted treats.

Does Halloween no longer have any kind of meaning to students because of their age?

More than likely students still crave tricks or treats as well.

On Missouri Southern’s campus, the main event every year is the Safe Halloween trick or treating event for children in McCormick Hall.

It may be possible Southern students are not too old for Halloween, but there are just not enough activities geared toward college students.

While there is the pumpkin carving and the costume contest in Billingsly, these activities take place at noon during which time students may still have classes or other engagements and may not have time to participate.

Southern students may want to be entertained just like everyone else.

College students are adults, but still want to have fun just like others.

Sitting in the hall and handing out candy to other people’s children does not constitute celebrating Halloween for some.