McCormick Hall plays host for Safe Halloween

Cynthia Patrick

Resident Halls Association is continuing a tradition in McCormick Hall with Safe Halloween.

A tradition started more than 15 years ago by a group of staff assistants that has turned into an annual gathering.

“Safe Halloween is a place were people can come in the community said Jennica White, resident hall director in McCormick Hall. “It’s a place where families can come and have a safe Halloween.”

Although Safe Halloween started off as a small event, numbers have increased over the years.

“There is usually between 200 and 300 kids a year,” White said. “But, just last year we’ve seen our most kids yet – there were just about 400 kids here.”

With the tradition, McCormick Hall residents have a hall decoration and door contest.

“Each wing decorates their own hall,” White said. “They also can dress up and help pass out candy to the kids.”

All students are welcome to come and participate.

“If any of the students want to participate, they can help me decorate the down stairs lobby,” White said. “Also, students can help by encouraging their friends and families to bring their kids.”

The evening doesn’t stop there.

“Also keeping up with traditions, Sodexho is supplying hot chocolate and apple cider for the families while they wait outside to enter,” White said.

The Student Activities Office is supplying all off the candy given out this year. And, the children will have another treat as well.

“This year we are going to add something new,” White said. “We are going to have at least one of our mascots there greeting the kids at the door.”

Safe Halloween is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Oct. 31 in McCormick Hall to find out more information contact the McCormick Hall office at 659-4190 or Student Activities at 625-9320.

Area elementary schools also have some information on the event.

“I encourage families to bring their children,” White said. “It’s a lot of fun.”