Local band reaches out to area


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The members of Frail have played on stages across the United States.

Parker Willis

Currently, one local band is breaking out of the local scene and opening for big bands all over the United States.

Frail, a band that started in Joplin but now considers its home in Springfield, has played with names like Powerman 5000, Drowning Pool, Drykill Logic, Lamb of God and HedPE. But the band is most proud of its upcoming show at the Oasis in Springfield, on Dec. 9, when it opens up for Static X. However, it is not jut because the band is the opening act, but for the recognition of playing at the Oasis.

“We are the first local band that’s got to play there,” said Chad Terry, lead vocalist. “The only bands that get to step on stage at the Oasis are national tour bands.”

Frail has also played venues ranging from Detroit to Cincinnati to St. Paul, but still considers the Rockwell in Springfield its home base.

Members of the band include: Kevin “KAInE” Williams, bass; Shannon “Slow” Low, guitar; Brian “Monk” Mays, drums; Chad “Rev” Terry, vocals; and Arik “Spazz” Brunk, guitar.

Upcoming shows include a concert at Bootleggers on Saturday in Frontena, and a benefit at the Bridge for Brutally Frank on Nov. 19.

Low describes the band’s music as “energetic, powerful and demanding.”

“A lot of people say it’s angry, but it’s more like an intense emotion,” he said. “Our music presents a way to burst out of the little bubble the world tries to keep you in.”

Low said when he is on stage he is still himself. But, something more comes out up there.

“I become a beast that I cannot be anywhere else,” he said. “What you can do up there shows everyone how you really feel. Everyone has those feelings inside, whether you deny them and ball them up or not. We bring that out, expose it, and show you raw emotion.”

Frail said it gets its influences from bands like Pantera, Acid Bath, Slayer, Mudvayne and System of a Down.

“Everything I listen to inspires what I do out there,” Terry said. “I try to show a lot of the problems I’ve had in my life through my music. So maybe someone else will learn from it.”

Frail has already made two albums, Disturbing the Violence and Disturbing the Mindset.

However, many of the songs from Disturbing the Violence were remade on Disturbing the Mindset because the first album was produced badly.

Both are available at local stores such as Sam Goody, Hastings and Eccentrix. Both are also available at www.worldoffrail.com.

The band is currently working on a third album it hopes will be ready by summer.

For more information or tickets to the Oasis show please call 540-0506 or go online to www.myspace.com/worldoffrail.