CAB, Senate both improve

CAB, Senate both improve

CAB, Senate both improve

Chart Staff

With a new semester approaching, it is appropriate to look back on some of the changes which have occurred in the last several months.

Many changes have occured on the floor of the Student Senate and in the Campus Activities Board office.

In former years, the Senate was simply about giving out money with apathetic groups coming and going. This year, the Senate has turned a new leaf. Senators are willing to speak out, but do so in an organized fashion. They no longer fight like mad, but cooperate in a manner which is productive to the entire campus. CAB has also seen several changes. There is new leadership, but there is also a recognizable change in the members. They are working to organize themselves to show the campus CAB still exists. They don’t hide.

It’s not enough for CAB to simply sit aside and make decisions based on only a few members. The new system allows all members alike to give their input.

It also distributes responsibility to those involved. Next semester there is only room for more progress.

The student body should not look on these two organizations and brush them off.

Both Senate and CAB work hard to make the campus life as fun and fulfilling as possible. Their work and determination is what allows students to have organized and safe parties.

Senate makes tough decisions on how money should be distributed so everyone has a chance to benefit from a small, yet consumable budget. And, it should not be forgotten – those students in these organizations need support.