Students learn dance in all walks of life

Judy Schneider, kinesiology instructor, leads a traditional Russian dance on Dec. 2 in the Connor Ballroom.

Judy Schneider, kinesiology instructor, leads a traditional Russian dance on Dec. 2 in the Connor Ballroom.

Cynthia Patrick

With kicks and music, the Missouri Southern International Club held its third annual International Dance Fest fund-raiser on Dec. 2 in the Connor ballroom.

The International Dance Fest is when all international students can get together and show others their countries dances while learning the dances of other countries.

Students not only dance, but they also show their talent in singing different songs from their countries.

“Different people do different things,” said Tutty Faal, senior biology major. “We sing, we dance, we learn dances from other countries and also we eat appetizers and drink soft drinks. But, I really enjoyed myself.”

She said there was much to engage in.

“It was great fun and my favorite part of the night was the dancing because I put on an African dance and it was the spotlight of the whole evening,” Faal said.

Others agreed.

“I enjoyed the dance,” said Hernan Rojas, international student. “We danced all over the world”.

He said he learned some things about other cultures.

“We showed dances from Chile, and we learned different dances from many countries and their clothing,” Rojas said. “But, it was quite funny because all dances are the same but with your own flavor.”

Some students had their favorite dances of the night.

“I like the Polka dance,” said Chloe Souque, junior international business major.

“I also like the British Virgin Island dance. It was fun, and I enjoyed hanging out with friends.”

Other students felt different about that night.

“I thought it was boring,” said Cristobar Cornejo, senior business administration major, “but I did like when the Chile group danced the salsa.”

Students not only sing and dance, but many dressed up, and some wore attire that represented their culture and country.

Also there were door prizes and raffles for attendees going on throughout the night as well. Performers also received prizes because of their participation.

On Friday, the International Club plans to end its semester with a large dinner.