MySpace connects students across globe

MySpace connects students across globe

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MySpace connects students across globe

Meagan Pietrzak

There are two groups of people in the world: those on and everyone else.

MySpace is a Los Angeles-based social-networking site with over 41.5 million users.

Publicists say MySpace numbers are growing by as much as 100 additions per minute. The site pulls in more daily page views than Google, Amazon and ESPN, according to the comScore Media Metrix’s September data.

For the inexperienced, MySpace can be compared to a nightclub that’s open all day, seven days a week. It is a place where all the patrons wear badges listing their age, dating status, hobbies, favorite movies and books, occupation and salaries, heroes and more.

They also carry around photo albums for people to glance through, lists of their friends (complete with albums of their pictures), journal entries, bulletins, Blogs and headlines.

“My headline is ‘I’ve eaten all my friends and now find myself alone’,” said Katie Pierson, senior biology major.

To use the site, users create a free profile everyone else in the network can see. The profile can include pictures, music, graphics, comment boards and more.

Users can list everything from their hometown and zodiac sign to their high school or college, as well as any groups they belong to.

This information gets fed into a database so that other users can search and see whether any long-lost friends are members.

“My friend was on MySpace so I got on,” said Malore Johnson, freshman undecided major. “I like Facebook better, though, because I have a lot more friends on there.”

When a MySpace user finds a profile of someone they know or stumbles upon a stranger they find interesting, they can click on a link labeled “Add to Friends”.

That request gets sent to the prospect who has the option of accepting or rejecting the request.

Friends are able to link together and users can select their “Top 8” friends to be listed directly on their webpage.

MySpace users can also use the basic browse on the site’s database to find people located within a set amount of miles of their zip code or by age, sex and relationship status. With an advanced search, a person can find his or her perfect person by selecting their before-mentioned attributes plus ethnicity, body type, height, smoker, drinker, orientation, education, religion, income and children.

The Web site also allows musicians to build a fan base without touring or putting out a CD.

Groups can add their songs to their webpage for interested or curious patrons to hear.

Cinna the Poet, a Joplin band described as Midwest reggae, has more than 1,800 downloads and plays of its songs from its webpage as well as a schedule of its upcoming shows.

“I like MySpace for the networking and music,” Pierson said.

MySpace also allows users to rank photos of other random users, join groups, list events, play games, find musicians or search the classifieds.

The classifieds section includes most major cities. However, there is not one for Joplin. There one can find jobs, housing and rentals, for sale, services, cars, items wanted, casting calls, personals and more.