Concert promoter bring ‘big concerts back to area

Parker Willis

One local man is trying to bring big concerts back to the area.

Chris Dee, concert promoter, of Pittsburg put together the Regional Heavyweights concert at the Quake. Regional Heavyweights is a three-part series. The first will be on Feb. 24 with tickets on sale for $8 on the day of the concert. The bands will include Flee the Seen, Shape Shift Revolution, Sophomore, Macon and Sacrosanct.

The second concert will be March 4, with tickets on sale for $9 on the day of the show. The bands will include 7Day Sun, One Track Mind, Red Line Chemistry, Wreckles Process, Kalatria, Darling Waste and Torn.

The third concert will be on April 8.

The bands will include National Fire Theory, The Leo Project, Without a Whisper, Kalatria and a few bands yet to be determined. Dee said he will have at least 10 bands at the third concert and the price of tickets at the door is still yet to be determined.

Dee said he is having this concert because he believes this area needs a big concert.

“We use to have a great music scene in Pittsburg, but then they quit having good concerts,” Dee said.

The type of music varies.

“There is a broad range of music going to be played,” Dee said.

He said there will be everything from hardcore to alternative, but mostly just bands that rock.

“I’m pumped for the show,” said Adam Sparlin, Quake concert promoter. “I think it’ll be a great show.”

Tickets are available through any of the bands playing, the Book Barn by Vintage Stock, Chris Dee and the Quake. Prices will be less if tickets are purchased in advance. And, a three-day pass will be available for $15.

For more information, call 620-875-1258. Dee also has a Myspace account called Four States Shows where he lists the dates and times for all of the concerts in the Regional Heavyweights series and several other concerts he promotes.

The Quake has a Myspace account called Quake Youth Ministries with a list of upcoming events at the Quake.

All shows at the Quake are for all ages.

The Quake is located at 410 E. 7th in Joplin and can be recognized by the Real Life Church sign on the side of the building.