More student fees possible

More student fees possible

More student fees possible

Chart Staff

Who really reaps the benefits of the student fees that are paid by all who attend?

At the Feb. 17 Board of Governors meeting, student fees were questioned in relation to the tuition increase. University President Julio León said they would be determined later.

Along with that, questions about a health center fee were raised.

It is not a good idea to add additional fees when many students do not even utilize what they are paying for. We pay equipment and activities fees already.

For example, even students who do not own a vehicle are required to pay a $15 parking fee. If students own a vehicle, then a parking fee is necessary, but otherwise it should be waived.

Also, students should realize they pay $25 per semester toward student activities, but students do not always participate in the activities they are funding.

If a health fee is added, the University should look at how many students really use the health center.

In most universities across the United States, students have to pay a health fee. Though it may be cheaper than going to a hospital, it may not be worth pay it if one does not use the health services.

It is a possibility the health science majors could move into the recreation center or the health science building when they are completed. Health fees could help fund these buildings.

Students do not know the fees they are paying for. They are more worried about how much they pay in tuition.

Southern prides itself on being the most affordable university in the state of Missouri, but if there is a continual increase in student fees, that motto will not last much longer.