Senate plans several new campus projects

Parker Willis

Campus improvements were brought up at the end of Student Senate Feb. 8.

Eric Norris, Senate president, is putting together a committee of senators for projects he wants to accomplish around campus.

“Our funds are allocated to us through charges based on enrollment,” he said. “And there are students who go to this college who aren’t involved in the clubs and organizations that we normally allocate money to. This is a way for us to give to them with projects like this.”

Some ideas Norris brought up were benches in the Oval, more handicap parking spots and more recycling bins. He also mentioned adding more to the recreational area by the residence halls.

“Last year we added a Frisbee golf course that gets used all the time,” Norris said.

Other ideas included turning the sand volleyball court north and south to help with the sun and possibly adding a second court. He also mentioned adding two outdoor basketball courts, a pavilion and repaving the tennis courts. But all of these are just ideas that Norris said are possibilities for future projects.

Also mentioned at Senate’s meeting was the Senate’s upcoming trip to Jefferson City. The trip will be on the Feb. 21 and 22.

“This is a wonderful way for students to see the legislative process in action, and they’ll benefit from meeting area representatives,” said Greg Salzer, Senate vice president.

The vacancy committee also added four members to the Senate. Dyllon Slagle, Josh Freeman, Donavan Mays and Darryl Sour filled four of the five open seats in Senate.

Senate also allocated $1,000 for World Issues for Study by Educators (WISE) to take a trip to Washington D.C. to student teach in inner city schools. Since WISE is not a recognized campus organization the Senate needed a two-thirds vote to pass the allocation, and that minimum was met. In Washington D.C., the student teachers will teach for three days to help them get closer to their 45-day student teaching minimum before becoming teachers.

Collegiate Middle Level Association also requested $920 for an upcoming trip but no money was allocated because the finance committee didn’t have enough information to make a decision on the allocation.

There were six senators not present at the meeting. Ginney Burkland, Jennifer Harris, David Slatton and Marshall Rucker missed the meeting for the first time this semester. Divin Aquino missed for the second time and Truman Yeary missed for the third time. No seats were lost at this meeting.