Students prepare for multiple activities during spring break

Auriel Brown

As spring break approaches, class projects and midterms are the last thing on the minds of some students at Missouri Southern.

Looking forward to a little rest and relaxation, students on campus are looking to the opportunity to get away from the classroom.

“I’m going to L.A. with a bunch of my friends and we might go to Las Vegas,” said Tutty Faal, senior pre-med major. “It’s a time to get away and have fun and forget about all this other stuff for a minute.”

“I’m probably going to South Padre, I already did the Florida thing,” said Dan Quarles, junior business major. “I have to get out of Joplin.”

Quarles said while he already has the “party pack,” others more than likely will start going to the gym more before leaving for break.

“You have to get the beach body going,” Quarles said.

Brittany Alexander, sophomore nursing major, said she is anticipating a cruise trip and has been working out and making trips to the tanning salon to prepare.

Zach Schlup, freshman criminal justice major and spotter in the Student Life Center, said he has noticed an increase in females using the exercise equipment in the facility the closer it gets to spring break.

Cindy Webb, fitness coordinator, said it is not uncommon for people to get into a habit of “instant gratification” when it comes to occasions like spring break.

“People start realizing they are going to be wearing more revealing clothes,” Webb said.

She said a problem with working out for a certain occasion becomes a problem when people backslide afterwards.

Some students will not be heading for the beach or the sun for one reason.

“I don’t have the money,” Schlup said.

Instead, he said he will be going home and spend time with his girlfriend.

Kristen Schulze, freshman undecided major, said for most students with little funds, it is a easier to just go home.

Alyssa Karel, freshman biology major and manager of Ultimate Tan, said there has been a huge increase of business during this time of year.

“We’re having to hire other people because we’re just so busy we can’t do it by ourselves,” Karel said.

She said at one point during recent weeks, there was a line outside the building of women wanting to get tan before break.

“They’re very excited I know that,” Karel said. “They can’t wait – they really need a break. Everyone else is making their arrangements for rental cars.”

For some, the break is time to devote to helping others.

The Baptist Student Union will be going on three trips for the break said Jon Smith, BSU director.

They will be working with children in Arlington, Texas, going to New Orleans for disaster relief work and then traveling to Denver to help do survey work with an individual wanting to start a church.

“We have an opportunity to serve instead of being served and as a Christian organization, that’ important to us,” Smith said.