Band springs straight to stage from garage

David Walker III bangs drums at Dec. 3 True Love Waits concert at Memorial Hall in Joplin.

David Walker III bangs drums at Dec. 3 True Love Waits concert at Memorial Hall in Joplin.

Parker Willis

After one local band has been together for 18 months, it has decided to step out of the rehearsal studio and onto stage. The Springs has recently played the Bridge and at Memorial Hall for a True Love Waits rally.

Caleb Denison, lead vocals and guitar, said in the last year and a half the band has only gotten together for about 10 weekends worth of practice. This is in part to Dave Walker III, drums, living in Tulsa and Denton Adam, bass, living in Springfield.

Although these three have had just two live shows together that doesn’t mean they lack in experience.

Denison said between the three of them they have hundreds of shows worth of experiences in other bands they have been in.

Denison and Walker met while they were playing in two different bands. Denison said the two bands ended up in the top three of a tournament at The Warehouse in Bartlesville, Okla. After the show, all three bands went out to eat and Denison and Walker began talking. Denison ended up quitting the project he was in and joined Mourning September, Walker’s band. Eventually, the two of them left Mourning September and later added Adam to the lineup.

Adam was and still is playing with his band Stereostatic.

Adam said he and Denison met when the music store he was working for in Springfield bought Ernie Williamson music in Joplin. Denison had to go to Springfield for training and the two started talking about music.

Denison said the three of them had known each other for a while before one day they decided to put the pieces of the puzzle together and see what would happen.

Since the three decided to make The Springs, they have mainly been working on writing and recording to perfect the bands sound before ever stepping on stage.

Adam said Denison is the main writer of the group’s material but all three chip in.

“He writes the main ideas, then we add and change bits and pieces of it until we get something that fits each individuals sound,” Adam said.

Denison said even though the three of them are in different places in life, they all have the same mentality toward the music.

“We just try to write good music about life and things that people can relate to,” Denison said. “We’ve all loved and lost, and we write the most about that. But mainly we’re just three guys having fun playing music.”

And now that the group has stepped on stage, it plans to have a busy summer. The band has a show coming up on March 10 at the Warehouse in Bartlesville. It also plans on playing at the Bridge again, along with other various venues in Joplin and Springfield.

Currently, The Springs has out a four-track EP and plans on having a full-length CD out by early spring. Denison said the band already has at least 20 originals and is working on more, but only plans on putting 10 to 13 tracks on its CD.

For more information on upcoming shows or to listen to a few samples, visit At this time the songs Spinning, Back Down, Hero and Separate and Change are all available to listen to on Myspace, but there are several more of the band’s songs available at