Southern Olympics seeks campus teams

Crystal Hemphill

Friendly competition against fellow classmates and faculty is coming to Missouri Southern.

In replacement of SPIKE Night, the Southern Olympics will be taking place at 8 p.m. March 14 in the Leggett & Platt Athletic Center.

Teams of three will be competing against other groups in nine events. Each member must participate in every event. Teams can be all male, female or co-ed.

“We wanted a night event that week before spring break just to send the students off with some excitement and enthusiasm,” said Adam Griffin, housing director and member of the special events committee.

Competitors will play curling as a form of shuffleboard. A cycling competition will be held for each member of the teams racing on a tricycle for the fastest time.

Competitors will be required to perform a choreographed routine containing two jumps, two lifts and a spin while figure skating in socks.

Bobsledding has one team member on a scooter while another member pushes them along the enclosed course.

A biathlon relay will have a member run a lap of the track and hit a target with a foam arrow, then tagging the next teammate to go.

A bean bag toss contest brings each member tossing three bags into targets with different values.

Not every competition will be directed toward one’s athletic ability. A marshmallow-eating contest allows team members to swallow as many marshmallows as possible in two minutes.

Teams will also have a giant puzzle to assemble in the shortest amount of time. A handmade team flag, which is to be designed prior to the Olympics, will be displayed in the opening ceremonies and will be judged against the competitors’ flags.

Each event will have a gold, silver and bronze medal awarded to the teams with the most points. Points will be given by the judges: five points for bronze, 8 points for silver and 10 points for gold. After all points are awarded, they will be tallied to make overall gold, silver and bronze winners.

“It’s the first year, so I’m sure we’ll have some bugs to work out, but I think it will be a success,” Griffin said.

He also said for this to be able to work, a limit of 50 student teams and 10 faculty teams has been set. All students and faculty are welcome to participate in the events as well as to come and support their favorite team. Registration for the Southern Olympics is located in Student Support Center.

Teams must sign up by March 10.