Time on staff, friends, family help prepare editor for future

Adam Fast - Director of Photography

Adam Fast – Director of Photography

Adam Fast

I joined The Chart five semesters ago, because I had fallen in love with photography and wanted a way to use it during my college years.

By the end of the first semester, I’d pretty much decided I didn’t want to be a journalist, yet I stuck with the paper for another four semesters, because of the relationships I’d formed during that semester. For the longest time, I went around campus like a drone. My college experience consisted of going to class and going somewhere else.

But the staff on The Chart did their best to draw me in. I started spending more (and more and more) time in the office and on campus. And I was hooked.

I started getting better at communicating, both as a result of The Chart and of declaring a mass communication major. I’m no longer the computer guy who can’t hold a normal social conversation with strangers.

I’m thankful for the college experience that I had while on staff. T.J., Nate, Jessica, Hallie, Noelle and the others I don’t know as well, thank you for your friendship.

Jeff, every time I think about how my background in programming and systems has gotten me everywhere else, I realize how grateful I am to you for your mentoring.

Michael, your guidance has helped greatly. I can’t help laughing when I remember several years back when I started to feel like I was called to ministry and where things are now in comparison to then. I’ve picked up so many nuggets of wisdom through your preaching and discipleship, and greatly enjoyed being a part of a church that so distinctly realizes relationship, not religion.

Mr. Bryant, you’ve been a fantastic advisor and an all-around great guy. You’ve made the broadcast classes I’ve taken both fun and worthwhile at the same time.

Brandon, you and your family took me to Bykota for the first time. It’s amazing where I can imagine my life would be had that not happened. I would have found God’s plan eventually, but I’m still glad everything happened the way it did.

Garry, you’ve been a big part in me becoming more of a people person. We’re so alike personality-wise, but you had the human element I didn’t, and I’ve done my best to let it rub off on me. From random trips to mozzarella sticks to business startups, you’ve pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of before technologically and mentally – and made me a better person in the meantime.

Christoph, whenever I see you, you somehow push me artistically. You’re a cool guy, and unfortunately I haven’t gotten to see much of you.

Daniel, I’ve known you for a long time yet lately it seems like I don’t know you at all. Don’t limit yourself, you’re capable of so much more.

Candace, sometimes even a simple conversation with you is enough to clear my thoughts and make me quit stressing out. Thanks for being there.

Nathan, thanks for the last push to start working on my private pilot’s certificate. Your maturity and wisdom are far beyond your years, and it’s great to be able to stay in semi-close contact with a friend called to a form of ministry different than my own. While I don’t think relocation to Boston is God’s plan for me right now, I greatly enjoy the city and will visit whenever possible.

And of course, most graduates thank their parents and family, and I won’t disappoint. You have been highly supportive of me and my dreams, and though there have been some changes as time goes on, things are pretty settled and ready to really take off now.