CSI sparks public interest

Rebecca Watts

Area citizens will have a chance to play crime scene investigator through a new class offering from Missouri Southern’s criminal justice program.

Southern will introduce a Crime Scene Investigation for Citizens class from Sept. 12 to Dec. 12. According to Greg Dagnan, assistant professor of criminal justice, the class is not modeled after regular University classes. In fact, this is a nine-day, writing intensive, advanced law enforcement class for citizens.

“I think this class will show that CSI is not like the shows on television,” Dagnan said.

The public can learn the true procedures and actual methods of evidence collection. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with blood samples, broken glass and chemical processes.

This is designed as a hands-on learning experience aimed at a diverse crowd including traditional and nontraditional students, friends and family, and close friends.

“We’ve received more calls about this than anything we’ve ever done,” Dagnan said. “CSI is a very popular class, and I expect a good turn-out.”

Dagnan said he expects about 20 people in one class, which is an optimal number. With such a hands-on learning environment, fewer students in the classroom will provide a higher quality education.

“This class will be a slanted into a fun class at a university level,” said Tim Wilson, director of the training academy and instructor for the CSI course.

This course is designed without technical court procedures, leaving students the learning initiative alone to motivate them.

The teachers for this course will be experienced law enforcement professionals. Dagnan and Wilson thought the students would like to learn from people who do this for a living.

“We’re very fortunate to have people like Sgt. Renken with his real-life experiences,” Wilson said.

CSI has become the new interest not only for criminal justice students, but for the already enrolled citizens.

“We’re bringing people into the building that have never been here before,” Wilson said. “This will give a positive exposure to our instructors and to Southern.”

The expense for this course will be $250 for the first family member and $150 for each additional relative. The only restriction on this course is you must be at least 18 years old to enroll.

There is no requirement tied to this class, all students need to do is register with Brenda Norman at (417) 625-9328 For more information call Greg Dagnan (417) 625-9572.