Fund raiser makes dream come true

Amber Englebert

Forget speed dating and The first ever Mr. International Pageant is coming to Missouri Southern Sept. 29.

The pageant, designed as a fund raiser for the International Club is more than just a beauty contest. The three men judged by the audience to be most worthy of the title Mr. International will be auctioned off by the MC to the highest bidder.

The pageant was proposed by Rahila Kahn, senior graphic design major and president of the International Club. Twelve male contestants, both international and homegrown, will be put on display and then judged by the audience for the title of Mr. International.

“We’re probably going to have three rounds,” said Kahn. “First round is going to be get to know the contestants. We will ask them a few questions, have them tell us about themselves.

“Second round is, like, show as much skin as possible. And final round is going to be formal wear and questions from the audience.”

Though most of the contestants had to be pressed into service, many seem keen on helping the International Club raise money.

“I’m doing this to help support the International Club,” said Jerome Doan, junior art education major.

“My goal is to get lots of money for the International Club,” says Ulrich Sauter, junior taxes major.

What exactly will be done after the auction with those deemed Mr. International is unclear.

“Hey, they’re the one that bought me,” said Doan. “I’ll do what they want to do!”

Some of the contestants seem a little reluctant to win the pageant.

“I don’t think I will win,” says Sauter. “I don’t want to win. Not really.”

Others are excited at the prospect of winning.

“It’d be kind of like my dream come true if I win,” said Hugo C. Chavez, junior public relations major. “I’d probably become a supermodel for Abercrombie and Fitch and like, have my own show on MTV or something.”

Whoever is crowned Mr. International, the real winners will be those in the audience with enough money in their pockets to walk off with the prize: their very own Mr. International.