Campus Security Reports



Dishman Hall

DPS was contacted in regard to a student who had made threats to other students.

Joplin Police were called to the residence hall while DPS attempted to determine whether they could transport the student for medical help.

After determining that DPS could not, JPD arrived and after consulting with DPS, the student was transported to Freeman Hospital for a 96-hour hold.

Bad Checks



The bookstore contacted DPS to report bad checks. They had received four bad checks back from the bank. The manager was advised to contact the Joplin Police Department.

Banned Student


Student Life Center

At two different times, a DPS officer was contacted in reference to a banned person. The first time, the student was advised of being banned from the cafeteria. The student entered, ate without paying and left when DPS arrived. The second time, DPS was advised about a student who was banned from the cafeteria. An officer pulled the student aside and explained the situation. The student had the option to leave voluntarily or remain and be removed by JPD for trespassing. The student agreed to leave and the dean of students was contacted.



Spiva Library

A DPS officer was dispatched to Taylor Hall for reported assault. A student advised meeting another student on and agreeing to meet at Spiva Library, where the assault occurred. The student made a written statement. JPD was contacted and a report was turned over to detectives for investigation.



Student Life Center

A DPS officer was dispatched for a vehicle theft. Four lugnut covers were missing from a 1997 Ford Mustang.