Buchholz receives Castetter scholarship

Jessica MacIntosh

In honor of her late husband, Christine Castetter-Speno and her husband, Angelo, announced the Christopher Lee Castetter Memorial Scholarship.

Katrina Buchholz, senior criminal justice major, received the $1,000 scholarship Sept. 26.

Castetter, who was serving as a deputy in the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 28, 2006. This year marks the 10th anniversary.

“My purpose for this scholarship is to remember his life and dedication to law enforcement,” Castetter-Speno said, “not the crime that resulted in his death and the horrible days that followed for the community, his family, friends and co-workers.”

Castetter-Speno said he graduated from the University’s police academy and she graduated in 1999 with bachelor’s of science in sociology.

“He was a good man and an outstanding officer who took pride in wearing his badge and protecting the community,” she said. “That is how he should be remembered.”

Curt Betebenner, director of the Missouri Southern Foundation, said the guidelines for the scholarship are the recipient must be a criminal justice major, seeking a four-year degree and must be a junior or senior. This is the first year the scholarship has been awarded.

“They want a more mature student to be sure that they are going to go ahead and finish a four-year degree,” he said.

Betebenner said the student of the scholarship is selected by the faculty in the criminal justice department.

“(It is) based on merit,” he said.

Betebenner said the scholarship is important to the criminal justice department and the student who receives it.

“It highlights the commitment to duty and the important work of law enforcement,” he said.

Castetter-Speno said she hopes the recipient takes his or her commitment to law enforcement seriously.

“Anyone who applies and is awarded the scholarship should consider it as a privilege and know that it carries the responsibility to assist in carrying out his legacy,” she said.

Castetter-Speno said there is a plaque honoring Castetter in the criminal justice department.

She said she donated it to the University and his badge number, 52, is retired.

Betebenner said anyone who would like to donate to the Christopher Lee Castetter Memorial Scholarship can make a check out to the Missouri Southern Foundation.