Hearts, Hammers recruits, repairs homes

Amber Englebert

The Joplin division of Hearts and Hammers is recruiting volunteers for a workday Oct. 7.

Hearts and Hammers is a not-for-profit organization that repairs homes for people who cannot do so for economic or physical reasons.

“Hearts and Hammers is a wonderful organization,” said David Smith, campus recruiter for Hearts and Hammers. “We help people who are low-income, elderly, disabled, people who own their home and need stuff done to it – maintenance and repair-related. Except for the occasional porch. We paint. We do a few roofs. Last year, we replaced a floor.”

Smith has personal reasons for being part of the organization.

“Last year my mother-in-law bought a house for us,” Smith said. “The house that she bought needed some work. Most specifically the porch roof and porch needed repairs, but there were other things that needed to be done, too. We were trying to figure out how to get this done. Not long before last year’s workday, we started going to St. Paul’s and became members of this church. It [St. Paul’s] is a big supporter of Hearts and Hammers.

“That’s how I found out how to apply at Hearts and Hammers, and found out one of the things they need is bodies. I said OK. I can help in that area. I’ve got this campus I can tap into. And that started the process of me being the Campus Recruiter for Hearts and Hammers.”

Smith said the organization gives him a way to give back.

“The positive impact it has on the people who get the work done, showing them that people do still care. It’s cool,” Smith said. “I love to help people in a way that I can help people even though I can’t actually do most of the work myself.

While the organization had a good turnout for volunteers this year, Smith said Hearts and Hammers is always looking for more people.

Persons interested in helping can go to Hearts and Hammers-joplin.org and click on the volunteers link or contact Smith at [email protected].