Unibrou brand means flavor to beer lovers

Amber Englebert - Copy Editor

Amber Englebert – Copy Editor

Amber Englebert

There is no such thing as a bad beer.

While all beer may not be delicious, even the beer-flavored water styles (i.e. Bud Light, Coors, *shudder* Natural Light) have their purposes. These beers are the party beers, the cheap beer that is bought at $5 per case. They are the beers you drink for no other reason than to get drunk. They are easy to down and, if the need arises, easy to expel.

Then there are the beers you drink for the pure pleasure of flavor. With these beers, you savor and cherish every sip. These are the beers Web sites, like Beer Advocate, rave about and Belgian monks dedicate their lives to. These are my kind of beers.

One brand of beer that never ceases to please me is Unibroue. Unibroue is a French Canadian company based outside Montreal which specializes in what I’ll call the “faux Belgian” style of beer.

Belgium is home to some of the most complex and tasty beers in the world and the styles are very distinctive. Many Belgian beers have a high head when poured, a fruity scent and a dry taste that is reminiscent of wine. While Unibroue hasn’t matched the best Belgium has to offer, their attempts have yielded some excellent brews.

Unibroue has a number of beers in its cooler. The first beer produced by the company was Blanche de Chambly, a Belgian-style unfiltered wheat beer. The beer is very refreshing. It has a light, mild flavor, with a slight fruity after-taste. The beer goes well with almost any type of food, though as with most Belgains and faux-Belgians, cheese goes really well with it, especially something a little salty.

One of the most famous of the Unibroue brand is La Fin du Monde, or “The End of the World.” The beer has a strong flavor. It is dry and has a fruity after-taste that hits hard. It is very tasty, but if you aren’t used to full-bodied beers I’d recommend eating something starchy to dampen the flavor. Those starches will also come in handy to soak up the alcohol in your system; La Fin du Monde has a 9 percent alcohol content per bottle.

One of my favorite Unibroue beers is the Don de Dieu. The beer tastes very similar to the La Fin, but it is much sweeter in flavor. It is easy on the palate, and the after-taste does not stay quite so long on the tongue. Don de Dieu is also sporting a 9 percent alcohol content, so heavy foods are a must when drinking this beer.

Unibroue beer is available at only a few places in town. I’ve seen La Fin at Coach’s Corner on Rangeline and Zora, and May’s Drugstore carries a few of Unibroue’s specialty beers from time to time. Pizza by Stout has most of the regularly distributed beers in stock, including those I haven’t mentioned (Chambly Noir, Trois Pistoles, Maudite).

Though some of the Unibroue beers are better than others, all of them are delicious. Don’t even look to see which type of beer you ordered. Just open the bottle and enjoy.